Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Ideal communications app for improving training and education

By Andrew Atkin

We all have smartphones now. So making a training video can be done on the spot, by nearly anyone. But we have yet to properly exploit this, because there doesn't seems to be an app yet available to properly facilitate this.

I would like to make a suggestion for the development of an app that can greatly enhance workplace training, and communications and education in general.

The idea, is that you shoot a video from your phone, using a master app, that is later uploaded to a prescribed online server as soon as you hit 'send'. You can wait until you're at a WiFi point before uploading. There's no fuss.

However, because your video is meant for communications (not pretty visual effects) you can choose to greatly compress the video for efficiency, during the post edit, before uploading.

This can be done with what I call "spotlight compression" which should be integrated with the app.

With your fingers, you create and control (meaning control the position and size) of a low-compression bubble inside a high-compression image, to ensure definition is only preserved that is necessary for meaningful clarity. This can drastically reduce the file size of any training video. You can also choose to make the videos simple colours or black and white, etc.

If it's all in one app, then it will be easy to use. The videos can be made without prior organization, and quickly. That is key.

A company can set up a professional account with the app-based server, so all videos are uploaded to a secure point that can then only be downloaded by others with a pass. Again, it should all be streamlined into one app, because it can and should be dead easy to use.

Another app to integrate with the process is a screencast recorder, that records everything on your computer screen. This is extremely useful for all kinds of training, and obviously computer training.

Imagine if everyone at work (or home) can access any training video on anything, for work or school, that is specifically correct for their learning and immediately accessible from their phones. It would prove to be a powerful tool for rapid on-the-job training, and help to resist the never-ending problem of communication breakdowns. (You can't beat monkey-see/monkey-do for fighting ambiguities and making everything instantly clear. Why 'describe' when you can just 'show'?).

Can someone please hurry up and develop this app? I want it.

Thank you.